A craftsman needs the correct tools. Get yours on the 28th of July

Titleist will be joining us on the 28th of July to give you the opportunity to test-drive their revolutionary clubs. There’s no better time to try out the latest and greatest that Titleist has to ... See more

Your swing is unique, your clubs should be too

Golfers generally are not very aware of the specifications of the equipment that they have in their bags. These specifications, especially if the equipment is bought "off the rack", do not always ... See more
Too many golfers carry clubs in their bags they very rarely use and then don’t have clubs they’d use on at least a third of the holes (if they were in the bag). Most golfers also use a putter that ... See more

Pathway to better golf 2019

Take your golf game to the next level with the pathway to better golf program

Have more FUN by playing better
+Hit it longer
+Hit it straighter
+Hit it cleaner

Six ...
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Join me every Tuesday evening for the draw school.

This group class is designed to help the faders and the slicers of the golf ball straighten out their shots.

Limited space ...
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Titleist global trust

Buy a dozen Titleist golf balls at JK's World of golf and go into the draw to win a limited addition Titleist world wide standbag and backpack.

Entries available at JK's World of golf and ...
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