Dial it in – The 3D fitting

If you can add distance to your iron shots, then you’ll hit shorter clubs on approach. Shorter clubs are easier to control and easier to use consistently.

Contact us if you’d like to have an assessment to see how you can add a club length’s distance to your iron shots or (and) experience the added distance the new Titleist T-series Irons deliver.

Maximum impact technology platform
Super thin faces create faster ball speeds. But there’s been a limit. Titleist has gone beyond that limit with a new structural design and new materials innovation. They’ve added support to the face and added it in a way that protects feel and response at impact.

Maximum impact
technology platform

To create a super-thin face that
responds to impact by creating faster ball speeds, you need structural design and materials innovation. Support is required. Responsiveness (including feel and sound) is required.

about how we think the new Titleist T100, T200, & T300, can help your approach play.

If you’d like to be one of the first to try out the Titleist T-series Irons and measure up how they and we can improve your 3D performance, then give us a call or