If you’re shooting above 89 on most visits to the golf course, then now is the time to make a leap.
In the last two weeks we’ve provided two tips for those looking to break 90  every round.
Both of those tips have been linked to keeping the ball in play. But the fact is that, if you’re a regular
or inexperienced golfer, then you will rarely be hitting greens in regulation. So …

On almost every hole you’ll have a 10-to-50-yard final shot into the green. This is a shot you should
perfect so that you never take more than 3 to get down. Getting up and down in 2 is a bonus.

Three suggestions: Learn a good short pitch shot and chipping technique. Practise your short pitch shots and chipping.
Never get greedy (make sure you’re on the green before worrying about how close). 

If you’ve never had a pitching / chipping lesson, and you’re not Breaking 90 on each visit to the course, then we’re betting this is
an area where you can make up shots. If you don’t have a technique or ability to get down in 3 or
less every time from within 50 yards, then