Putting versatility, recovery, distance into your long game

The Titleist H1 Hybrids

Titleist keeps proving it’s more than a ‘players’ brand.
The latest proof is the Titleist H1 Hybrid stacked with features we like for regular players.

The active recoil channel you’ll see on the sole will allow the whole face to flex and rebound. The thinner face exaggerates that effect.
Faster all over. Who’s interested now? 

Most of or regular golfers will be inclined to make contact at impact at a point towards the toe of the club, rather than the center.
For those golfers, the Titleist H1 offers protected ball speed.

From above you’ll very visibly see that the H1 has a deeper head. That allows the CoG to be higher (along with the MOI).
The ball will get up easier onto a higher trajectory and be easier to stop. That’s what most regular golfers need. 

Hybrids were invented for the regular golfer and have been enthusiastically embraced by the best golfers.
Our advice to the regular golfer is to invest in getting assessed and fitted for the right technology and
fitting (including gapping and lofts) of Hybrids that make your long game easier. Don’t wait on that.
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