Solving common problems

While news about the Cobra King SPEEDZONE or SPEEDZONE XTREME drivers is all about speed, there’s an untold story of “fixes” for
common problems.

Most regular golfers’ mishits are low on the face, below the sweet spot. It’s not so much the ball speed impact of that, as the loss of launch angle. The SPEEDZONE sole reveals a much lower and deeper CoG that maintains your launch angle from lower on the face.

The second area of miss-it is out higher on the toe. The club twists at impact losing ball speed and accuracy. Usually, a weak, high fade is the result. The architecture of this club allows more weight in the extremes. A high toe strike will have less twist, to retain ball speed with less fade to the right (for right-handers).

Remove the bad and what are you left with?

A whole better experience. And if you’re removing the inferior tee shots, it means that every hole is more enjoyable. The SPEEDZONE offers more ball speed, better launch for more distance, and more consistently good tee shots. Let’s get you set up.