Smart Irons for the 21st century
Cobra King F8 Irons

More than “smart technology”, these Irons have a really smart face, groove,
and head design to tune the performance priority for each club

Adding still more consistency (and distance), the face incorporates much that has been learned in
metalwoods to extend the hitting zone out to the edges. This PWRSHELL™ Technology brings Driver like performance.

The grooves are milled to deliver real precision. Different designs in long, mid, and short Irons,
allow the launch and spin to be optimized for the club you’re using.

Most amateurs are not on top of their yardages with their set.
They’ll hit more shots on the money with the Cobra King F8 “smart” clubs.
Cobra Connect in every club provides you with data on your shot making performance on every shot.
You’ll understand you game so much better with this data. This is a real breakthrough for golfers.

The Cobra King F8 is for a wide range of golfers.
The lofts are stronger, so a good set configuration is #5 Iron to Gap Wedge.
For those who struggle with mid and longer Irons look for combo set to replace the stronger lofts with hybrids.
But we’ll sort out you configuration and perfect fitting when you come and discover what impact these Irons
can make on your approach game.