Golf has arrived in the 21st century
Going way beyond boundaries with Cobra

Not only are the Cobra King F8 and F8+ Drivers packed with design and manufacturing innovation that
literally push the boundaries of performance off the tee, this equipment has become
a participant in the “internet of things” and a contributor to “big data”.

The Cobra King F8 will probably perform best for most of our golfers, especially those who’d like to lose their fade or slice and replace it with a little draw.
The F8+ will probably work better for those who need to drop a little spin and prefer a smaller profile at address.

You’ll see the results of the industry’s first CNC precision-milled titanium Driver face in distance, and especially accuracy.
In the F8 the deep weight and high MOI combines with the face technology to create really startling
improvements in accuracy.

Adding to the improvements in speed created across the face, there are advanced aerodynamics to
increase your swing speed with no extra effort.
There are “trips” in the crown and sole that improve airflow, reducing resistance.

Weight adjustment on the F8 allows you to choose whether you want prioritsze a draw or forgiveness.
On the F8+ you can change the weight to adjust spin and trajectory.

Having different weight and performance shafts available to us,
allows us to really dial in your personal fitting to your golf swing.

Here’s how your Driver joins the ‘internet of things’ and contributes to ‘big data’.
Technology added to your club records your tee shot performance on every hole and
makes it available to you on your phone. Now we have all the data required to improve your golf game.

We’d recommend that you measure your performance with the Cobra King F8 and F8+ Drivers.
They’re long, but we’re also expecting you to see big improvements in accuracy and consistency.