No compromise on the looks and feel in the

new Callaway Golf Apex CF 16 Irons.

Good and better ball strikers will continue to

enjoy the feedback and responsiveness.

However, these irons also have distance

technology designed into the club head.

For the first time, the Callaway Golf precision

engineered Face Cup has been added.

This design allows more of the face to flex,

creating a faster, larger hitting zone.

Don’t fear the addition of distance technology.

The forging and multi-material design ensures

that you not only get the soft Apex feel, you

get the great sound off a forged Iron.

More playability than ever before has been

designed into these golf clubs.

The progressive offset, sole widths, CG height and

notch weighting provide the right balance of ball

flight, playability, forgiveness and control for

each individual Iron in the set.

Longer Irons have more offset to help you square

the club face while providing more forgiveness.

The shorter Irons are more compact with

less offset, allowing a higher level of control.

Many golfers find that the need for distance drives them to cast steel and less compact clubs. The design and technology

in the Apex CF16 Irons now means you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Now, before you make the decision to add distance and feel

to your game, let’s make sure the technology works for you,

and set you up with the fitted configuration to deliver the

most consistency and accuracy.

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